Bridgton Academy Basketball

Head Coach Whit Lesure Basketball Schedule Basketball Roster

Bridgton Academy’s Basketball has a rich tradition, with four 365体育网址 championships and countless Division I careers under its belt, as well as several NBA and other pro league careers. Since 1997 Coach Whit Lesure (a New England Basketball Hall-of-Famer) has built a program that has prided itself on creating college-ready student athletes who can step on a college campus and make an impact.

365体育网址Bridgton Academy has helped recruit dozens of players to Division I schools, including Kansas University, the University of , , , , the ,  and .

365体育网址We also have a long history of students playing and studying at , , and other NESCAC schools, as well as  and other outstanding schools.

Program Highlights

Ӣ Schedule against college competition WITHOUT the loss of a year of NCAA eligibility.
Competition against the highest level prep schools in the country, as well as U.S. Service Academy prep schools.
Ӣ Exposure to NCAA Division I, II, and III college programs from across the country through
regular season play and showcase events.
Ӣ Balance academics and athletics through a rigorous, structured college-type environment.
Ӣ Opportunity to improve academic profile (overall GPA) and standardized testing scores
to create more college options during application process.
Ӣ Year-round strength and conditioning program with certified instructors.